Drone Rides & FPV Experience

FPV flying session, experience it today!

Imagine coming aboard for a ride, soaring over scenic areas, lower than an airplane or helicopter, yet more real than watching a YouTube video by far! If you're interested in learning what it's like to fly FPV (First Person Perspective), or seeing what we look at inside our goggles, give us a call. We have spare goggles and monitors, and we're always ready to fly!  We are available for parties!  Call or email us if you want someone to entertain your children during a birthday party, or create a great conversation starter for your next adult get-together!

An example stunt flying session...


WARNING:  Some people cannot handle the roller coaster/motion effect when we perform stunts, so let us know if you get motion sickness easy.  Sometimes it's better to watch the monitors, rather than dawning our FPV goggles, which provides a completely immersive experience.  Most people will need to be seated while we're flying!