About Us

In July of 2014, Derrick and Susan decided to put some of their knowledge and interests at work.  They have long been into photography and seeing the world from different perspectives (i.e. SCUBA diving).  Derrick has been flying RC since a very young age, and building things that fly from an even younger age, so this seemed an obvious direction for him.  After many long hours, BlueSkyBots was forged and now we have a fleet of multirotors and helicopters to manage and use for aerial photography projects, exhibitions and more.

In 2016, BlueSkyBots expanded the team and welcomed Bryan Boettcher as our Director of Product Engineering role. Bryan already has a successful 3-D printing business and makes many custom parts for us, so he will be a great asset to help us develop our product line.

BlueSkyBots is located centrally in Kansas City, Missouri.